New Life Painting, Inc.
New Life Painting, Inc.


Customer Testimonials 

"From beginning to end, we had an excellent experience with New Life Painting and recommend them without reservation.

Noah, who represented his family business was our contact person throughout the project and was always available either directly or with a quick return of our call to answer any question. We found his initial walkthrough informative and we received New Lifeʼs exterior proposal within eight hours of his visit.

Our next conference was with Jay, the supervisor of our crew. On the day New Life power washed the house, Jay answered our barrage of questions regarding paints. Simply put, Jay knows his business and was extremely helpful. His is also an excellent carpenter and did a highly professional job on the frame of the garage door.

The project that New Life did for us lasted a week. Jay and Juan arrived promptly at 7:30 each morning, worked consistently for the eight hours they were here (save a thirty minute lunch break), and cleaned up any mess before they left. They were very easy to communicate with and quickly addressed all of our concerns. Noah also stayed in touch with us during the painting.

The finished project is excellent. Our 1950s house has never looked so good and we are quick to tell those who have been kind enough to pay us a compliment who did our painting and landscaping.

Thank you New Life"

- Bob M. - Arroyo Grande

"Justin and his crew did an amazing job. They were polite, friendly, on time, clean cut, and their work is top notch!!!" 

Mary H. - Santa Maria

"I think your business and crew are extremely professional and polite. Job well done!"

Tracy and Terry J. - Buellton

"What great work you do at very good prices. What great employees you have (very polite)." 

John S. - Arroyo Grande

"Outstanding work and workers! New Life can be proud of these workers!"

Marlene G. - Santa Maria

"Crew arrived on time. Were always polite, friendly. Seamed to enjoy their work and for the company they worked for - great job."

Robert S. - Nipomo

"I think Justin is an outstanding person/painter. He really wanted to make sure I was happy."

Darelene - Orcutt 

"You do neat work, pay attention to details. Jay and Juan are courteous, professional, and ecellent painters! I will send business your way whenever I can!"

Mary G. - Arroyo Grande

"Professional, fast, efficient, and friendly"

Sandra F. - Orcutt

"Excellent Company - very helpful in all aspects of their job. It was a joy to work with everyone."

Esther Z. - Santa Maria

"You are outstanding in workmanship, quality, and service. Adrian is superb!"

Bill P. - Nipomo

"Quality work in a quick and efficient manner!"

Marv M. - Orcutt

"New Life Painting Provided a colorist which helped make a spectacular result. You're prices are fair and worth every penny. You're staff is prompt, creative, reliable, responsive, nice and helpful." 

Peggee D. - Arroyo Grande

"The painting project accomplished by New Life Painting was the best we have ever experienced in every way. It was a gratifying experience, we will tell our 40+ neighbors what an excellent job your crew did for us!"

Jim S. - Buellton 

"Professional, trustworthy. Did an excellent job. Really appreciated the help with colors, an added bonus I didn't expect. Excellent from first phone call to completion. Keep it up!"

Lisa A. - Grover Beach

"Level of service, kept to timeline, excellent team, pleasant, and fairly priced!"

Hugh R. - Orcutt

"Excellent paint job!"

Bernie I. - Buellton

"New Life customer service and quality was over and above from start to finish! It was all perfect!We will gladly recommend New Life Life should we get the opportunity in the future."

- Chad and Tennille S. - Arroyo Grande

"Very Professional, prompt, efficitent, well mannered, clean, and quality was excellent!"

- Barry - Arroyo Grande

"Good Quality work with prompt courteous service."

- Brett P. - Pismo Beach

"Painters arrived promptly, do excellent work, and go above and beyond! Adrian and Jose were extremely polite and helpful. They went out of their way to be accommodating. Your employees are an A+!"

-Madiline W. - Nipomo

"A job well done - dependable and trustworthy. We received the quality service that was promised."

- Kathy M. - Arroyo Grande

"New Life can be trusted and they are safe. They took time to explain their process; each step of the painting, and the workers were quiet and there was no profanity! The workers also did everything to work with our time table."

- Robert L. - Santa Maria

"Efficient, thorough, well done! The crew communicated well with me while keeping focused on the work."

- James M. - Santa Maria

"A very professional crew. Honest, straight forward, delivers as promised. Treated us, our home, and our belongings with care." 

- Fred H. - San Luis Obispo

"For our "second-time-around" your company has given our home "New Life." Adrian and Jose are a great crew! They're very professional well-mannered, helpful and efficient. Thank you for sending them to us!!!"

- Jim and Susie S. - Santa Maria

"Everything was great! They were very nice and did a great job!"

- Nancy D. - Pismo Beach

"Very professional, responsive, and thorough. New Life was able to start job immediately and was completed within a specified time frame."

- Gene M. - Orcutt

"Good people doing excellent work!!! Would always stop work to answer any questions we had - and not annoyed. Their attention to detail - Perfectionist! We especially liked their Organization of project and their execution of the project. Hard workers and never wasted time!!! We are very happy and satisfied with the who experience."

- John and Helen P - Cypress Ridge

"Very efficient, professional and friendly. They brought in as many workers ass needed to get the job done in the time frame promised. Very professional! Thank you."

- Carolyn G., Orcutt

"Great crew! Very friendly and professional. Great eye for detail! Will use again! They cleaned up everyday and on time!"

- Ted O., Santa Maria

"I have personally interacted with Noah, Gredsa (colorist), Mike (crew leader) and Juan (Painter). Each of them have been a a pleasure to work with and each has been a very professional in performing their work. We gladly recommend New Life Painting."

- Jerry and Penny K., Arroyo Grande

"Your painters are prompt, professional, friendly, and helpful. They are excellent in all their work. your customers will be pleased every time. We especially liked that you came on date scheduled, worked steady, and cleaned up after each day. The workers respected all our shrubs and flowers, and finished the job in a timely manner. No improvement needed! :)" 

- Carol G., Santa Maria 

"You have great workers with the experience and skill to do a great job. I liked the thoughness of the contract and Noah's complete explanations. I liked Mike and Juan's prep work and the final result!"

- Rella H., Santa Maria

"Communicated what was to be done everyday! Keep the smiles coming!"

- Holly B., Nipomo

"After 28 years of practice in my current building I decided that an update was necessary and had the good fortune of finding New Life Painting in Santa Maria, California to assist me with the process. I began working directly with Noah who made the transition seamless and stress free. We essentially stripped the interior of a 2,000 sq ft building and replaced baseboards, casings, retextured and painted. His expert crew not only provided high quality professional workers but also an interior decorator and color coordinator which made my color decisions easy. His team spent nights and weekends transforming an old outdated office into a thing of beauty. The work results were first class, his team clean and trustworthy, his fees fair and equitable. To say that we were happy with the results is an understatement! I've participated in many prior building projects and have usually found difficulty when dealing with subcontractors, not the case with New Life Painting. I would wholeheartedly endorse these guys and the work they do."

- Dr. William Pierce, Pierce Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center, Santa Maria, California

"You hire personable, polite, well-skilled people. You do excellent work." What did you especially like: "1.) You completed in short order. 2) You kept the job site clean. 3.) The crew leader filled us in day-to-day; we knew what to expect. Many thanks to Adrian, Kyle, and Jose - Great Job! And many thanks to Shawn too!"

- James R. - Santa Maria

"Very conscientious, great painters! We especially liked the crown mouldings."

- Murray K. - Nipomo

"The crew was nice and expressed gratitude for my business. They were also able to answer all of my questions. Everything was excellent, the job was completed perfectly and to more than my satisfaction!"

- Kevin M. - San Luis Obispo  

"We at Grace Lutheran Church want to thank you and your crew for the professional painting job that was done on our Church Annex house. Your workers were prompt and were very diligent in their duties. They were attentive to our needs and concerns. Your workers were courteous and efficient. We were kept informed when a concern was identified. Their work was very professional and completed in a timely manner. We would be happy to recommend your company to anyone who inquires."

- Dr. Roland Miller, Grace Lutheran Church

"The crew was sincerely concerned about our satisfaction and was an outstanding representative of New Life. A very conscientious and dedicated employee - always polite and friendly. He quickly earned our trust and confidence to the extent that we left him with the key to our house so we could leave for the afternoon. Cruz was awesome. Juan was also excellent - always very nice, polite, and conscientious. You have a couple of great employees! A 15! high out of 10!"

- Mike E. - Cypress Ridge/Arroyo Grande

"Great experience - Noah was great and professional and the paint crew was very respectable as wee as efficient with time. The work on my house looks GREAT! I'm very happy with my experience with New Life!" 10 out of 10.

- Lori F. - Orcutt

"Cruz is a real professional. We were very confident in is work. Cruz and Juan did an outstanding job, as we expected. Much appreciated!"

- Terry T. - Vandenberg Village

"The crew were true professionals. They were very respectful and neat. Great Job!"

- Jack B. - Santa Maria

"Our house looks so amazing!!!! I love love love it!!!! Cruz and Juan worked so hard and were so gracious every time I changed my mind on a color or idea about something! Striping my whole hall way was NOT easy but they did a perfect job!!! This just turned my whole week around!!! =) New Life is awesome!!!"

- Candice Z. - Orcutt

"You have the Best painters! They're fast yet careful; they pay attention to detail; they even repaired cracks and imperfections in the wall I forgot to mention; they show up on time; they're knowledgeable about disconnecting and re-installing electronics. Adrian and Jose are the BEST!"

- Mary G. - Santa Maria

"Very polite crew. Neat and respectful of our property. Adrian and Jose did a fabulous job in recreating our house to look new. One neighbor across the way said today, "That looks like a brand new house." We really appreciate their dedication and skill in reworking our 2004 paint job to look like it was completely redone. Thanks for providing such a great service." 

- Ed and Melinda G. - Orcutt

"You defiantly have EXCELLENT EMPLOYEES! Will call you when future painting is required."

- Richard G. - Nipomo

"We were very pleased with you employees, Adrian and Jose. They were efficient, courteous, and professional. They did a wonderful paint job on our house." 

- Mike and Eddi M. - Santa Maria

"Cruz is one of the finest workers I have ever met. You are blessed to have him in your company. He and Juan are a great team!" 

- Sheila I. - Lompoc

"I just wanted to say thank you very much for the outstanding job that your team did on my house! The rooms look wonderful. I am really loving my house. The colors came out perfectly and the work is magnificent. I will definitely be hiring you again and telling my co-workers about your work! Thanks again."

- Lisa U. - Santa Maria 

"You are very lucky to have Cruz and Juan. Their caring qualities are rare and their professionalism is exceptional. I really appreciate all their hard work and great and beautiful painting they did. They did a great Job!!!"

- Betty S. - Arroyo Grande

 "Pleased with the detailing your men accomplished! Overall satisfaction is a 10!"

- Theresa P. - Santa Maria

 "The crew went out of their way to make our end of the job convenient, smooth, and without trouble. They did a fantastic job; very detailed, and after each day they cleaned EVERYTHING up, even though it meant they would have to re-set up the following day. Thank you! :)"

- Steward and Shereen D. - Arroyo Grande

"All the folks at New Life are professional, knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, skillful - just great all-around. Ashley came up with a practical and beautiful design and helped us make good decisions for all the details and kept the project on-track and in-budget. David & Ryan are certainly the best team to have working in your home. Their craftsmanship is superb. Just amazing how they transformed our old kitchen to the new in just over one week's time with minimum disturbance. David's attention to details and skills in making everything work and look great are amazing. The New Life painters, Jay & Juan, made things sparkle in a short amount of time. The flooring sub-contractor, Carpets Unlimited, were equally skilled and efficient with their part of the job - great transformation. And, last but not least, the Boss - Chuck - stayed involved at all stages and ensured that we were happy with the progress and results. Great to work with a company that cares!"

- John and Tomi M. - Santa Maria

"The guys (Cruz & Jose) were great - very professional! An 11 out of 10"

 - Gary and Terri T. - Vandenberg Village

"Very courteous & conscientious."

 - Donna O. - San Luis Obispo 

"We were impressed by the attention to detail and of course, the high skill level. Also, everyone was very cordial."

- Tim and Yolanda T. - Orcutt

"The combination of pace and quality! Everything was done efficiently! Thank you!"

- Steve C. - San Luis Obispo

"Cruz, painting crew supervisor - Always knew what he was doing. Kept me informed of any issues. Along with his partner he was neat, detailed and tidy. David, finish carpenter - Took what could have been throwaway stairs to patio and cleaned up its appearance and fixed it better than new. Raised and braced our 3 hole kitchen sink as it should have been done 20 years ago. As with Cruz, David explained issues and was extremely neat and tidy. Mr. Winkles and the staff people I have encountered are a credit to their trade. People who not only do good work but are willing to stand behind that work are becoming rare. I believe that New Life in good economic times and bad would always be eager to do the quality work they completed for me."

- Timothy M. - Nipomo 

 "Suzanne and I thank you for the time you took this evening to explain to us about your proposal for our home painting. I especially thank you for the time you took with Suzanne to explain about the painting types and about matching her elusive "color". Michael and Elaine whose home you painted some 3 plus years ago gave you an A+ on your work, your tidiness and your commitment to excellent work. I could tell from our two conversations that you are an honorable man who cares for his customers and his family. I would like you to know that we didn't even think of seeking a second or third bid. You impressed us that much. So, if our paths don't cross again, I thank you for being the man you are and for the care and oversight you use in your company."

- Tim and Suzanne - Nipomo 

"The crew were very meticulous and kept me informed of progress on a daily basis. Clean up was done on a daily basis. There were some touch up areas that needed to be done after the job was completed, these were done in a timely manner. I recommend New Life Painting, as they are licensed and bonded contractor. Hire a known & responsible contractor... not just someone who does this as a "side job." I will always refer New Life Painting."

- Maureen S. - Santa Maria 

"This experience was Awesome!!! Great Job!!!"

- Fred W. - Morro Bay 

"Cruz and Jose were prompt, courteous, and thorough - we felt comfortable having them in our home.

 - Brian G. - Arroyo Grande

"Jay was pleasant and conscientias, a 10 high."

- Diana A. - Santa Maria

"The Crew were very friendly and patient with me. I didn't like the color I had chosen and we were able to stop and choose new colors. They worked with me and I appreciate that. I will DEFINITELY recommend New Life in the future."

- Scotty T. - Nipomo

"The crew was hard-working, courteous, and professional people to work with. They were here everyday working hard and was extremely polite. When the crew were working together they seem to enjoy their job and have a fun attitude. They will go out of their way to make sure the job is done to your satisfaction. Like the New Life Painting motto says, "from the buket to the brush, we're the painter's you can trust," is indeed true. Thank you for a beautiful newly painted home that has received many complements from the neighbors."

- Robin B. - Santa Maria

"Noah showed a plan complete with paint info and prices, which no one did. Your guys are doing an excellent job!"

- Nancy C. - Santa Maria

 "We are 100% satisfied with the finished paint job that your crew of did for us. They were professional in every way, working very efficiently, producing a high quality end product. They were always careful and protective of our furnishings, and were very pleasant and personable in their daily contacts with us. We will be happy to recommend New Life Painting to any who ask."

- Ernie & Hilda G. - Santa Maria

"Very pleased with the professionalism of employees, high quality of workmanship, & willingness to stand behind their work."

- Ann & Lee M. - Santa Maria

"Adrian and Jose were especially friendly, courteous and kept us informed at all stages of the job. They moved our patio plants away from the house and placed them back when they finished and were efficient with cleanup. They were obliging when we had minor changes needed and very patient with us in tweaking our colors. We thank them and would recommend them to anyone!"

- Clark W. - Orcutt 

"Your painters made an old house in need of help look good."

- Pauline S. - Santa Maria

"We couldn't have asked for a more professional team. They were dependable, courteous, and completed the job with our 100% satisfaction."

- Rick & Rhonda K. - Santa Maria

"Your employees were professional and helpful, and take pride in their work. As a former employer, you are fortunate in having such reliable and hard working employees!"

- Mary - Pres. of Wildwood Ranch

"Pleased with the quality of their work and how conscientious they are."

- Gary T. - Grover Beach

"Painters showed up on time and stayed on the job until it was finished. Painters did a fine job. Nate helped me pick out a nice color. New life accepts credit cards."

- Bill G. - Santa Maria

"We were very pleased to have Adrian & Jose in our home. They were pleasant, polite, cheerful, professional & tidy at all times. Thank you."

- Robert & Mary D. - Santa Maria

"The results, a WOW factor... Very neat... Our living room, has a "New Life," Thank You "Jim the Painter!"

- Rod & Jill H., Santa Maria

"Very efficient, fast, courteous, pleasant & on time."

- Sue M. - Santa Maria 

"Your company always does a great job."

- Matt E. - Santa Maria

"Adrian and Jose did a great job. Always on time - they were a pleasure to have around! The house looks so nice! Thank you. 10 (High)!!"

- Forest F. - Santa Maria

"These gentleman were EXCELLENT PAINTERS!!! Wonderfully friendly and helpful advising us with their experience!!! Always did what they said - Timely!! Congrats on such a great team!!!"

- Nicky P. - Orcutt

"Painters showed up on time and stayed on the job until finished. Painters did a FINE job. Nate helped me pick out a nice color!"

- Bill G. - Santa Maria

"We couldn't have asked for a more professional team! They were dependable, courteous and completed the job with our 100% satisfaction!"

- Rick and Ronda K. - Santa Maria

"Promptness, Attention to Detail, Helpfulness! TERRIFIC TEAM!"

- Gary H. - Santa Maria

"VERY, VERY pleased with overall job - will use again!"

- Ken K. - Arroyo Grande

"I was particularly pleased with how clean the work site was kept... Overall satisfaction: a 10 high"

- Andrea M. - Santa Maria

"I appreciated the integrity and workmanship of each person I met from your company. The house looks great!"

- Linda M. - Orcutt

"The efficiency of the workers - No wasted time and excellent craftsmen."

- Ken E. - Arroyo Grande

"The crew clean up excellent. 10 High."

- Gerald C. - Arroyo Grande

"Pride in work performed. Eager to please us as clients. Paint job is excellent!!! :)"

- Mary H. - Santa Maria

"The crew was great!!! Keep them!!! Overall satisfaction is a 10 high"

- Vicky W. - Santa Maria

"The crew was excellent in his work and concern for my things. The helper was a very good worker, and also was conscious of my things. Both men try very hard. New Life is blessed by having them as employees. I appreciate you doing the work agreed upon between myself and Nathan. Jim is a good employee and is trying to always keep the customer satisfied. He is very good at his Job!"

- Carol R. - Arroyo Grande

"The crew were very nice, very clean, and neat!"

- Kim P. - Santa Maria

"We are very pleased with how neatly your employees took care of everything!"

- Lacie D. - Santa Maria

"Very pleasant workers,. Even missed them when the job was done. Thank you!!!"

- Ruth C. - Nipomo

"I was very pleased with the crew. They did a very good job and answered any question I had."

- Teresa B. - Orcutt

"We have bragged on about how good your workers and workmanship is. "

- Robert B. - Santa Maria

"The job was completed in a timely manner and a first class job it is. Many neighbors have commented on how nice the house looks. Great bunch of that did the work. Overall satisfaction is a 10."

- Alvin J. - Orcutt

"Dear Noah, I am writing to thank you and members of your crew for the excellent and professional job they did painting our home this week. The work was carried out in a timely fashion, your crew was courteous, punctual and always willing to "go the extra mile" in order to satisfy us. The work was completed on time, as anticipated, and they left the property neat and tidy. We were very impressed with the precise painting these two guys did, and would not hesitate to have you (and them) back when we need more work done on our home (probably the insides next - when the economy turns around). The crew cleared all impediments to painting from the bottom to the top of our home. They were very careful with existing plantings, took care to clear our deck and even managed to work around our existing windows and sliders in the utmost professional manner. Their prep work was outstanding, and when the job was done, only the surfaces that required paint were, in fact painted. The frames around the windows and sliders were pristine and very clean. Even the deck and concrete surfaces in front of and around the house were kept paint free. Needless to say, we were very impressed. We are so happy to have found New Life Painting Company, and would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who might be interested. In fact, we are so pleased, that we would not mind being listed as a reference for future/potential clients, and will be happy to answer their questions in a candid and open manner. Please feel free to give them directions to our home, along with our phone number, in the event that they want to see the quality of work that New Life Painting Company does, and would like to speak with extremely satisfied customers. All in all, Noah, this was a very good experience. Even the house liked it! The place looks better than new and when we get around to finishing up the landscaping of the yard, our place will be a showcase not only for drought tolerant plantings, but for your paint job as well! Keep up the good work and thank you again! Best Wishes, Robert and Barbara Yoshioka"

- Robert & Barbara Y. - Orcutt

"My wife Debbie and I could not have been more pleased with the outcome of our paint job."

- Bob S. - Santa Maria

"We were highly impressed with the care that was given and meticulous effort and workmanship. I am so glad we chose New Life Painting Company."

- Rosie & Rich S. - Santa Maria

"All in all, the job was done in a professional manner. The Forman, painters and everyone I came into contact with at New Life left me with a feeling that what I thought was important and they all strived to keep me satisfied."

- Dennis C. - Arroyo Grande

"The attention to detail was amazing! They were patient, kind, helpful and full of intefrity. Another company might have been a little cheaper. Another company would have been a big mistake."

- Jeannie V. - Pismo Beach

"I was also pleased with the way the men worked. There was no lost time. The paint job was terrific!"

- John F. - Santa Maria

"The crew was great and did a very good job. I stayed at my son’s house during the painting time and felt very comfortable with leaving my house in their care."

- Jeanie C. - Santa Maria

"All of the crew members have displayed a professional attitude and competence in their profession. They are a credit to your company. I highly recommend New Life Painting and it’s employees to future customers."

- Bob B. - Orcutt

"Dear Noah, The purpose of this letter is to express thanks to you and your company for another job well done and also to thank you for sending Jorge! John and I are impressed with Jorge's workmanship. He repaired a hole approximately 14"x14" in the drywall in our bathroom (a plumber had cut out the drywall to repair a leak behind the wall). Jorge took the time to do the job right, making sure the new drywall board was properly supported and we really, really appreciate it! Jorge also customized the installation of weather stripping on two of our doors which had been problematic since the house was built. The sub contractors 15 years ago left holes on the bottom corners of the doors which allowed lizards and even baby snakes to crawl through! Jorge didn't just attach new weather stripping; he had to create a special fit and put in extra, out-of- the-ordinary effort to correct the problem with each door so that now there were no more holes to let retiles, bugs, and sunlight through! He also removed mold from our room, washed the exterior of the house and painted areas around the exterior and interior of the house that needed attention due to ordinary wear and tear or repairs. Jorge is a workman who is skilled with painting, drywall application, and weather stripping installation. He pays attention to detail. If a job is going to be done he does it right! Jorge is a good planner and moves quickly from one task to another. I found him to be highly skilled, conscientious, trustworthy, and energetic. He works well on his own. Thanks again for sending him and thanks again to New Life Painting for another job well done! Whenever anyone is looking for a painter, John and I always give you a good recommendation! We are satisfied customers and have been for probably 20 years! Blessings to your family and business, Mary G."

- John and Mary G. - Orcutt