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Hire A Painter For The Day

Many homeowners have had unpleasant experiences with bad contractors, leaving them reluctant to hire out again. At New Life Painting we understand your concerns and we want to prove our worth by showing you the kind of quality and professionalism you can expect from us. For this reason we have created the “Painter for a Day” program.

What is the Painter for a Day Program?

New Life Painting created the Painter for a Day program several years ago as a way to formally announce that we understand your concern when hiring contractors and we want to show you that we’re different.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of homeowners who hired the wrong contractor. Perhaps they showed up late, disrespected you or your home, performed shoddy work, or left the job unfinished. This kind of behavior is unacceptable and unfortunately it’s even given us good contractors a bad name.

At New Life Painting we want to change things and not just tell you, but rather SHOW you that we are different. With the Painter for a Day program you can hire one of our professional painters for a single day. This gives you an opportunity to meet us and to evaluate our services by seeing a sample of our work. It’s like a working job interview, and after you see us in action we know you’ll want to hire us for the full job.

How the Painter for a Day Program Works

The Painter for a Day program is for projects of any size, where a homeowner or business owner wants to sample out our services before committing to a bigger project or contract for the work.

In this program you will get a friendly and well-trained foreman assigned to your project for the day. This allows you to see how our team works and evaluate if we are a good fit for your project. If you do like our work (and we know you will!) we can discuss the details of having our team complete the project.

Quality Work and Superior Customer Service

At New Life Painting, we stand behind our work and our employees. Our painters are trained through a formal company apprenticeship program and receive ongoing education and training so they stay on top of the industry best practices. We also believe in offering the best customer service experience, from start to finish.

The Painter for a Day program is designed to showcase these benefits of working with New Life Painting – qualities that make us stand out from our competitors. If you’ve had a bad experience, we know that you don’t just want to take a contractor’s word on your next project. See it to believe it with New Life Painting’s Painter for a Day program.

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